The Road Ahead

Fact Sheet 3

Fact Sheet 2

What are we doing now?

Phase One “Soul-Searching” and Phase 2 “Capital Campaign”

Surveyor has been contracted to determine exact location of all property lines and boundaries

owned by GBCL and incorporate in to one plat. (This needs to be done regardless for legal reasons). Topography survey which will reveal the physical features of the land will be done also.

2. Visited Temple of Deliverance Church in Mineral who recently renovated their facility; gathered great information.

3. Beulah Baptist Church in Kent Store (Mr. & Mrs. Hackler) met with us and described their journey with their renovation and benefits of the Carpenters for Christ program which assisted them.

4. We sent letters to the GBCL Ministries to gather group input on what they believe should be included in carrying out the vision for the Future GBCL facility.

5. Planning a vision board to place in the vestibule for the Future GBCL facility.

6. Phase 2 “Capital Campaign” is working in conjunction with the Soul-Searching phase. We need capital for the basics for the vision such as soil testing, engineering consults, etc..

We thank all members who have already started to make regular donations to the Road Ahead vision for our Future growth. You may donate using the “other” line on your regular tithing envelope; please write in The Road Ahead. There are also Road Ahead envelopes available in the vestibule.

As always, we ask for continued prayers and support as we move forward in this ministry for the FUTURE growth of GBCL.

Fact Sheet #1 - The Road Ahead (Building a new church)

Church vision “… to equip His people for works of service so that the body of Christ maybe built up…” Ephesians 4:11-16 (12)

Why pursue building a new church

  1. According to the 2006- 2009 Feasibility Study, no new improvements that require a county permit can be made to the existing facility
  2. Current physical building has inadequacies – difficult to get vendors to work on some components of the church due to the age of the facility. Piece meal or putting on a band aid is a costly endeavor and not cost effective.
  3. The need for a larger sanctuary to foster and invite more people to come and hear the word of God to uplift His Kingdom here on earth.
  4. Move GBCL into the 21st Century with technology
  5. The Road Ahead seed was planted back in 2006 that we need to pursue  building a new church, but through a period of transition, the plan was put aside and revived in 2016
  6. Our forefathers and mothers left this church for us to nurture using the word of God to grow as one body in Christ; therefore, we need to plant the seed of a great heritage for our children and grandchildren to follow and continue building and growing this seed for God’s Kingdom here on earth.

Phase One “Soul Searching”

  1. At the Church business meeting on Saturday, July 9, 2016 GBCL members approved to continue with the first phase “Soul Searching” to build a new church.
  2. Pursuing area surveyors to have the four (4) plats, owned by GBCL, as one plat owned by GBCL.
  3. Campaign Fund Committee created
  4. Financial Administrator is setting up a separate line/account for “The Road Ahead” for deposits
  5. You may donate using the “other” line on your tithes envelope to donate. Write The Road Ahead.  Other options for fund raising will be available at a later date
  6. We will be visiting newly constructed or renovated churches for ideas and expectations
  7. We ask for continued prayers and support as we move forward in this ministry



  July 2021  
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