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Elder Ruben Lewis, Jr.

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Elder Ruben Lewis, Jr. is a native of Fluvanna County and was educated in Fluvanna County schools. His mother is Clemmie A. Lewis and his father is deceased. He has nine brothers and sisters, several of whom have preceded him in death. He was blessed with two children: Ruben Lewis, III, and Michelle Yvonne Lewis, both of Charlottesville, VA.

He joined the U.S. Navy in 1974 and returned to his home community following his tour of duty. In 1979 he joined Charlottesville Church of Christ, Charlottesville, VA. He was ordained a Deacon in this church in July 1982, and ordained an Elder through Bible Way Worldwide, Inc., in July 1995. He joined Galilee Baptist Church in April 2004, and he was licensed as a minister through Galilee Baptist Church in November 2004.

Elder Lewis and his wife, Elder Susan, were married in May 2004 at Galilee Baptist Church. They make their home inCharlottesville, VA.

  • Pastor Office Hours:
       Monday: 4:00-7:00 PM
       Tuesday: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM
       Thursday: 4:00-7:00 PM 

Associate Ministers and Pastors

  • Reverend Bernadine Bradshaw
  • Reverend Dale Bradshaw
  • Minister Dorothy Bishop
  • Reverend Kimberly Fortune
  • Reverend James Graham
  • Reverend Edna Holt
  • Elder Susan Lewis
  • Minister Dory Martin
  • Reverend Dr. Sarah Slaughter - Director of Youth Activities (Tribe of David) - Email - (540) 894-1450
  • Pastor Tanya Richardson - First Liberty Baptist Church, Dillwyn
  • Elder Brenda Smith



Deacon Board

Larry Bass, Chairperson

Henry Bradshaw
Russell Bradshaw
Steve Bradshaw, Sr.
Raymond Jackson
Roger Parrish

Deaconess Board

Frances Parrish - President

Clara Aheart
Dorothy Burruss-Martin
Mattie Price
Gladys Brown
Holly Grooms
Vivian Richardson

Trustee Board

Thomas Waddy, Jr. - Chairperson

Paul Bishop, Sr.
Robin Rucker
Gilbert Scott

Church Clerk

Lola Richardson

Church Secretary

Diane McKnight

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Financial Administrator

Shelia Waddy

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Website Developer

Shelia Waddy

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Jerome Payne

Church Administration

Bulletin Clerk:  Diane McKnight

Director of Children Church:  Gracie Quarles

Director of Music:  Deacon Steve Bradshaw

Galilean Editor: Lolita Bland

Special Programs Bulletin Clerk:  Shelia Waddy

Director of Sunday School:  Lolita Bland

Treasurer:  Nettie Frye

Youth Activities:  Rev. Sarah Slaughter

Young Adults:  Rev. Kim Fortune

Youth Pastor:  Rev. Dale Bradshaw


Associate Pastors

Bishop Sarah Kelley, Faith, Hope & Love Church of Deliverance

Rev. Timothy Jackson, Baptist Union Baptist

Rev. Lloyd Martin,  Mt. Carmel Baptist

Rev. Tanya Richardson, First Liberty Baptist Church                           


Certified in CPR/AED/Firs Certified

Larry Bass
Donna Aheart
Rev. Dale Bradshaw
Sharon Bradshaw
Victoria Grooms

Gwendolyn Jones
Elder Susan Lewis
Diane McKnight
Rev. Sarah Slaughter
Elder Brenda Smith
Thomas Waddy, Jr.


Emergency Care Response Unit

Burruss, Briana           CNA
Burruss-Martin, Dorothy  LPN
Curry, Crystal
Gaines, Kimberly        CNA
McKnight, DawnAsia   CNA
Quarles, Diamond       CNA
Quarles, Rosemary      RN
Richardson, Tanya      LPN
Grooms, Victoria       LPN

Ayers, Trevaughn - EMT